Sunday, June 24, 2012

On the road again

Well, after a few years of staying put, we have decided to hook up the caravan again and head into the wilderness - well the eastern seaboard. Now we are a group of 7 (2a 5ch) fitting snugly into a 7 berth Jayco Swan pop top camper. As we eat breakfast this morning there is a sense of eager anticipation - Miss 6 and Mr 8 are climbing on mum; Mr 13 has his nose in a book; Mr 12 is chowing down on some breakfast; and Mr 2 is doing his best to spread breakfast all over the table. Today's destination - Tamworth


  1. Woohoo - where are you off to this time?

  2. Oh, I really should look at this more often. That was my husband updating. We did a month in Queensland- very wet but still fun.